Visiting Specialists

Microblading/Feathering/ Eyebrow tatooist

Kayla specialises in hyper-realism hair stroke stimulation, creating  effortlessly defined, balanced and natural looking brows to enhance the natural landscape, bone structure and face shape.

Microblading generally lasts between 12 to 36 months depending  on skin type, lifestyle choices, medications etc. No scaring due to shallow implantation, remarkably natural looking and reassurance of having a pigment which stays true to colour.
First treatment 2 hours  $550
Perfection visit 1 hour $150
12 to 18 months touch up, between 1hr to 1hr 30min $250-$350

Advanced Skin Solutions

Established for over 10years and with over 20years experience in the skincare industry. Natasha offers a range of treatments as a mobile laser therapist and prides herself in keeping up to date with the latest in professional skin solutions.
With medical grade machinery which is Australian TGA approved, results are fast and safe and will help you to achieve your skin concerns. Natasha specialises in overall skin concerns, laser anti-aging, pigmentation, vascular, plasma, scaring, sun damage, laser hair removal, micro-needling and semi-permanent eyeliner tattoo.
Natasha can give you the best advice on treatment, plan and price when booking in for a free 15minute consult.
Skin Rejuvenation – IPL/Laser treatment   from $150
Laser Hair Removal from $50
Plasma – Skin Tightening from $350
Carbon/China Doll treatment from $350
Micro-needling from $150
Eyeliner Tattoo from $450